In (a trainers) home board and train program (2 and 3 weeks)

Are you a super busy person with work, kids sports, and trying to maintain a social life? Let one of our skilled trainers do the training for you! During our board and train program your dog stays in a trainers home and learns their training. Once they are trained we return them home and train you. You will just have to maintain what they’ve learned.

In your home one on one lessons

Are you someone who loves to learn new things? One on one lessons could be the perfect fit for you. You and your dog learn at the same time. Your trainer will come out for a lesson that’s about an hour long, give you homework, and come out again in 2-3 weeks to allow you time to work with your dog between!

Behavior modification

Has your dog had previous training and need a tune up? Behavior modification could be the package for you!