Pamela Williams says:

“We sent Walter off to board and train with Rebekah out of desperation. We were about to give up! He was jumping on us and guests, playing too rough with the kids, chewing everything in sight and making our lives miserable. He came home a new dog! He knows the commands and will actually follow them. He walks on a leash now without dragging us behind him. He shows amazing door manners and we no longer have to grab hold of him to prevent jumping and lunging every time the doorbell rings. It’s night and day! Rebekah worked miracles with Walter (and us) to achieve the dog we always wanted. Highly recommend her services!”

Jenn Simone Pfeifer says:

“Auntie Rebekah is the dog whisperer of Tampa Bay! She took our Labradoodle Max, who was a counter surfing, leash pulling, toy eating, furniture jumping, crazy animal, and turned him into a gentle, kind, peaceful rule follower! We are blown away by Rebekah’s 2 week board and train program, and her communication via phone calls, pictures, and videos the entire time made us truly feel at ease. No longer am I screaming “NO MAX!!!” Thank you Auntie Rebekah and Uncle Mitch, too. You are the BEST”

Autumn Mittleider says:

“Courtney did fantastic with my dog Moose. She took him into her home and treated him like one of her dogs. When Moose left for training, he was wild, didn’t listen, mouthed everyone, and was a menace. My brother even referred to him as Moosifer. Needless to say, he was in desperate need of formal training. Fast forward 3 weeks and Moose is the sweetest, most loving dog! He listens to all commands, loves to be pet, and is eager to please. I feel like I have a completely different relationship with him. I am absolutely in love with my dog! My nieces can even play with Moose now without worrying he is going to mouth them or plow them over. I am so impressed with Courtney and how she turned Moose around. I can’t thank her enough for teaching Moose the right way to behave in every situation. I would highly recommend Courtney for all your training needs! She is fabulous!

Jessica Barnes says:

“Rebekah at Steadfast Dog Training is amazing. She made us feel so comfortable leaving our dog in her care for 12 days during the board and train program. Our German Shepherd, Brucey, had a lot of anxiety, pulled when being walked on a leash, jumped on people and just didn’t listen. After Rebekah worked with him, his anxiety has gotten better and he doesn’t feel as threatened when people walk by him, he hasn’t jumped, and can now walk beside you on and off a leash! I was nervous on how I was going to be able to know how to keep up with the commands and training, but Rebekah walked us through the entire process at drop off. We are so happy with the results and would highly recommend Steadfast Dog training! Thanks Rebekah!”

JamieMarie Bartolotta says:

“Amazing! We sent our beloved Chase to Courtney thinking we were doomed that he would never break out of his bad habits. Needless to say Chase came back better than I could have imagined. We were able to have company without him jumping, his nipping my kids was in the past, walking him has become such a great pleasure and not a chore anymore. Courtney did such a phenomenal job with Chase I would recommend her to anyone! Her passion and love is unmeasured when it comes to her training.”